Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to Day 1

Welcome to Our Little Cottage Home. 

aerial photo from 1950's - hand coloured
We found this old aerial photo of the property taken in the late 1950's. How amazing to see how much the place has changed since then and yet how many things remain relatively untouched...

The main house is a 2 bedroom cottage with one bathroom and a semi outdoor laundry room attached by a covered breezeway

The grounds have been significantly cleaned up since we purchased this place. Initially they were so overgrown and filled with rubbish it was just a little bit scarier outside than it was inside...
but that view...
and the potential for this garage to become my studio...

The renovations have begun. We will transform this cottage into the warm sunny home it is meant to be. 

Over the next few months, myself and my family are throwing all our energies into entirely remaking the interior and reviving the exterior of this 1950's farm cottage. It will be a 3 bedroom uh, make that 2 bedroom, open plan living home with a country style kitchen and the nearby shed will be converted into my art studio and the 3rd bedroom with a tiny kitchen and bathroom. Because like most artists I long for a space of my own and even if it means I have to put it together with my own hands, one recycled floorboard at a time, after dreaming and longing for it for so long I now need it to become reality. 

At the end of November we must be able to move in.

More photos and tales of our first day of renovations is on my art blog if you'd care to take a look... I don't want to have to type it all out again here...too tired now, sleep time. Goodnight

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  1. Awesome, keep adding pictures you'll definitely look back at them. Me and Sam were thinking of popping up one weekend, but we're not too sure yet. we'll see when we move out. Also we are looking at one more house today that accepts pets, so still not sure if we'll be sending JuJu up.