Friday, November 30, 2012

Ensuite & Powder Room

The essentials of a cottage bathroom

You can tell it is a cottage bathroom because of its petite size.

early progress

east window for the ensuite

Handcrafted vanity cabinets & timber walls

in my bathroom

in the ensuite

handcrafted vanity bowl in ensuite

ready for the bath (which will come later. much later)

plumbed in!

And another blue room: The powder room.

I've been commissioned to paint the decorative 'wallpaper' with an original Ginger Kelly design.
Something with a misty atmosphere... a eucalypt forest with vines, little birds and flowers...

as you can see, it certainly needs something...

I don't'll be a big job and that's gonna cost ya 
I'll tell you what, build me a studio and we'll call it even, ok?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

One Week to Go

Welcome Greenland

I love this color. So much better than that weird purple grey

The squirrel hole is lined now....
so the teenager has somewhere to sleep ;)

The Naturally Finished Floors...

sanded back to show the original
Tallowood & Blackbutt hardwood floors

patchwoork of new and vintage floor

In 12 hours, the floor will be ready to walk on.
Next step, the skirting boards

these boards have a history

excited about the floor finish?

Main Bedroom


While summer storms help the grass grow overnight...

Mum is sealing the shelves of cupboards

Dad uses the old floorboards of the shed to build a deck

and plays with his digger