Friday, October 19, 2012

Studio Update I

poor little studio :(
Ok, so obviously it cannot stay where it is! With one corner stuck in the mud and a distinct lack of any foundations, my little studio needs to be lifted up and carefully reassembled in a safer location

you can see the amount of earth that had
to be scraped away from the eastern side

hello termites, goodbye termites

Ooo, fancy. A panorama of a derelict shed.
Wait, that's my future house!

I like good ventilation but this might be going too far...
The possible new site of my studio has been carefully selected:

It will be closer to the house (in case of emergency laundry access) but also, it is likely to take a while for me to save my pennies for a kitchen and a bathroom.... so I'll be be living like a squatter and sneaking in to use the main house amenities until the Ginger Kelly Studio Studio is complete.

This is the studio space as I imagine it, using the existing frame. 
Now, if money were no object...

I'll keep you posted 

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