Friday, October 19, 2012

Things are heating up

Now we are really lagging behind with posting photos! These are from weeks ago... dated 15th Sept! A month later and I still have to sort through all the 'recent' shots that are no longer recent. In the past few weeks the cottage has changed dramatically

the addition of a window to the laundry nook

the old breezeway has become The Mudroom

Building site photos are overwhelming me lately. 
I need more inspiration photos...

...and something brass to adorn our welcoming front door...

back to reality

New frame for the new roof is complete

Future site of my studio

Look at all that cladding Dad 'borrowed' from my studio...grrrr

the morning tea ritual

the garden is going to be a haven in summer...
when the building site becomes a home

though we all agreed to put the garden planning aside until we move in... 
I cannot help but dream

love gardens like this

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