Monday, October 8, 2012

Timber Lining

another view of the living room...
bedrooms are down the tiny hallway
insulating and lining the living room

the sunny kitchen corner 

french doors out to the garden where the wisteria
is in full bloom. The air is thick with bees right now

the termite proof mudroom and bathroom

I'd be happy leaving the walls like this :) 

my temporary bedroom

and looking slightly to the right...
this is where the teenager will be sleeping for a few months
The vertical lining boards are so beautiful! I would have been happy leaving them just as they were, or with a light whitewash, pale stain or just painting the entire room white...

while I'm thinking this


mum is thinking...

not that there's anything wrong with that...

lining the main bedroom

and the ensuite has taken shape

the salvaged windows will look better
with (alot) of sanding/repainting

master bedroom east window


a few ideas for bathrooms...

I love the all white look
my favorite color for the bathrooms so far

country cottage style

from the living room,
looking towards kitchen & doors to garden

snug as a bug

look at these floors! a little dusty right now
but what would possess anyone to cover
them up with a smelly carpet? 

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